SVOLT Unveils World’s First Series Production Cobalt-Free Battery to be Assembled in Vehicles at Chengdu Motor Show 2021


CHENGDU, China, Aug. 29, 2021 -- xk星空体育app官方网站 Technology Co., Ltd. ("SVOLT"), a leading Chinese EV battery manufacturer, has unveiled the world’s first cobalt-free battery which has achieved series production and been successfully assembled in Great Wall’s ORA Cherry Cat which is on show at this year’s Chengdu Motor Show. Vehicles featuring cobalt-free battery are expected to go on sale in the China market.

SVOLT cobalt-free Pack assembled in vehicles uses standard platform MEB modules, aerospace-grade thermal insulation materials, and has a lightweight design. The Pack has passed comprehensive performance tests and safety tests, and test data such as thermal runaway far exceeds national standard requirements. Cobalt-free Pack can reach a total of 82.5KWh of electricity, energy density of 170Wh/kg , and the range of more than 600 kilometers under normal temperature conditions. It also has solid performance including 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 5 seconds, IP67 waterproof rating, as well as high energy retention, and fast heating speed in low temperature conditions.

SVOLT has spent several years on cobalt-free R&D technology and has invested more than 500 million yuan (77.25 million dollars) in R&D funding, more than 1,200 R&D personnel, and 120 materials and battery experts. Nowadays, SVOLT has successfully developed cobalt-free cathode material, cobalt-free cell and Pack and achieved series production.

The sustainability of cobalt is an important emerging issue as global reserves are limited at only about 7.1 million tons. According to predictions by relevant institutions, after 2026, cobalt will be in short supply and its price will continue to rise. The continued increase in costs has seriously restrained the development of the industry, making it an urgent problem for the industry to solve and consider how to eliminate long-term dependence on cobalt and avoid being constrained by the cobalt giants.

In addition, more than half of the world’s cobalt are mined in the Katanga Copperbelt in DR Congo, with a substantial proportion (estimated at 15–20%) being extracted by artisanal miners. SVOLT cobalt-free battery can help those vulnerable artisanal miners by promoting the advancement of their human rights.

Since 2020, cobalt-free Pack have been road tested in the ORA prototype. It has passed many vehicle performance tests such as strengthening road endurance test, vehicle charging and discharging performance, rapid acceleration, performance degradation, and full insulation inspection of the vehicle battery Pack. The cumulative test mileage has reached 800,000 kilometers, and the test data is excellent.


SVOLT is a high-tech enterprise in the global EV battery industry with the vision to provide easy access to sustainable energy for all humanity. It has started to build a carbon footprint system spanning the whole life cycle of EV battery, which can meet sustainable development requirements, safety and use of recycled raw materials in the future.