The Mass Production of the Cobalt-free Cathode Material of SVOLT officially Starts


On the afternoon of April 8th, the mass production of the cobalt-free cathode material of SVOLT formally started in its cathode material factory in Jintan, Changzhou. After it was announced that the cobalt-free batteries could be reserved around the world on the First Battery Day in China last December, SVOLT took a solid step in cobalt-free batteries from concept to reality. As a result, the mass production of cobalt-free batteries of SVOLT will start soon. It also brought the infinite imaginary space for the sustainable development of the whole power battery industry and even the new energy automotive industry.

Start from scratch. The cobalt-free cathode material of SVOLT will be launched soon.

In the workshop of Changzhou Cathode Material Factory of SVOLT, products are being manufactured orderly. The whole process is highly automated, including cobalt-free precursor, the feeding of lithium salt, mixing, high-temperature synthesis in the atmosphere protection roller kiln, crushing, coating, thermal treatment, bagging and warehousing. According to the introduction of technical personnel on site, with the design principle of highly automated production, the production line of materials is based on information integration. Intelligent production is managed and controlled comprehensively, the quality control of the online real-time tracing of products is realized, and the impact of human factors is minimized. In the whole production line, only the process of feeding and packing needs a small amount of human assistance. The automated and continuous production is realized in other processes. The capacity and quality of the cobalt-free cathode material are ensured. At present, the two production lines that have been used can realize the multi-formula process production. The annual capacity is 5,000 tons.

It is known that when SVOLT just began to develop independently in 2018 the forward-looking development direction of the power battery market was deeply scanned and analyzed. It was keenly found that the limited cobalt mineral resources will hinder the future sustainable development of the industry. So the development project of the cobalt-free cathode material was quickly included in the research and development plan. At that time, another enterprise that paid attention to cobalt-free materials in the world was Tesla. Maske announced that the development of cobalt-free batteries was to reduce the price of cobalt, because people in the industry believed that the cobalt-free battery was an extremely difficult technical peak. At that time, SVOLT that was just founded was not known by the industry, but its international technical team had quickly started the in-depth research and development. After countless tests and countless times of formula adjustment, the password to the preparation of the cobalt-free cathode material was finally found. The technical team found out the treasure and repeatedly tested from the material to the development of the battery system. Finally, the feasibility of its application was determined. Since then, SVOLT's development of cobalt-free batteries accelerated. In July 2019, SVOLT launched the world's first NMx cobalt-free battery at its first brand strategy launch conference, which was amazing. In May 2020, SVOLT launched cobalt-free batteries based on LNMO, a cobalt-free cathode material. In September of the same year, SVOLT launched two product platforms of cobalt-free batteries at the Beijing International Auto Show. The series of cobalt-free battery products were launched for the first time. On the Battery Day last December, SVOLT announced that cobalt-free batteries could be reserved around the world.


With the leading core technology, the cobalt-free batteries will be applied on a large scale soon

As the core research area of new energy batteries, in recent years, the research and development of cobalt-free batteries have been the core of research of major new energy vehicle and battery manufacturers.

As a new start in the power battery industry, SVOLT has been leading in industry development, reshaping the market pattern with differentiation and technical innovation. In terms of materials, SVOLT replaces cobalt with two elements with higher chemical bond energy, stabilizes the octahedral structure of oxygen through the strong chemical bond, and realizes the design with a long service life with a stable structure and fewer side reactions between the cathode material and electrolyte by using the single crystal technology and nano-coating. In terms of core technology, through the positive ion doping technology, single crystal technology and nano coating, which are three key technologies, SVOLT significantly alleviated the problems of the mixing of nickel and lithium ions and cycle life of the cobalt-free laminated materials. So the cobalt-free materials finally overcame these key obstacles and reached the stage of large-scale application.

In the post-epidemic era, a new round of development cycle of global new energy vehicles has started, the researches on the sustainable development have been accelerating in different countries, and the power batteries have quickly entered the TWh era. The market prospect is very broad. The official mass production of the cobalt-free cathode material this time has a positive leading role. It can help the power battery industry in China not to rely on foreign scarce resources and help to achieve the green development objective of energy of the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the state. SVOLT continuously leads the industry to unlock new technologies and start a new era as a technology leader; fulfill more social responsibilities for the sustainable development of the society with a more economical, efficient and stable innovative energy using method; and enables human beings to obtain and use the sustainable energy more easily.